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During these worrying times we continue to supply all our services wherever possible to help you stay on track with your studies. The wellbeing of our examiners and our team at MMP is our priority and we are all working from home. We are attracting many enquiries from worried parents as well as schools in many global regions. Most are seeking information about having grades independently verified and help with their studies and marking. We make no charge for guidance and information and will help where we can. We plan to launch further supportive services in conjunction with our partners, please look in when you can for up dates. Please remain at home, stay safe and save lives.



Mark My Papers (MMP) was originally launched to help home educators access professional marking by official examiners. The concept has grown rapidly to encompass schools, individuals and mature students and tutor groups throughout the world. Our services have grown too and now include in-house exam paper writing, creation of model answers and teacher moderation packages.

Our core objectives remain as follows:-

  • To bring professional marking from our team of approved, official examiners to each and every pupil.
  • To offer detailed feedback so that pupils can understand their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • To relieve the burden of marking in schools where staff are short of time so that they can focus on teaching.
  • To bring a third party perspective to assessment – a fresh pair of eyes free from unintended emotional bias.

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Home Education

Undertaking exams from home can be a daunting experience. Making sure that your child is on target to achieve his or her life goals is an overwhelming responsibility, and without the support of a school many parents feel confused as to how they can measure their child’s progress. Mark My Papers enables home educated pupils to access teaching professionals who mark officially for the leading public exam boards, particularly Cambridge (CAIE) and Edexcel at iGCSE level. Marking is subjective and understanding how to interpret the AOs (Assessment Objectives) is a finely tuned skill.

  • We can mark regularly, occasionally or as a preparation for exams.
  • Sometimes our home educating students need guidance as to which specification is still current – we are happy to support such needs and play a role in your home education journey.
  • Making sure that home education can still offer up wide opportunities through passing public exams is a major concern for some families and we can bring reassurance.
  • MMP feedback is very detailed and we suggest you allow plenty of time for your child to work on tips for improvement.
  • Our founder is herself a home educating parent who created MMP to help guide her own sons to success in their GCSEs, IGCSEs and A Levels across 11 subjects, single handedly – without tutors.
  • All at MMP passionately believe in helping home schooled children enjoy their exam preparation ensuring they are fully confident and on track to succeed.

Testimonials from home educating parents…

“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s exams results came back. 

She took five IGCSE's and got four A's and a single A*! She is 13 so we are well chuffed. In fact we are delighted, couldn't be happier. Just over the moon! 

So thanks for your part in helping her achieve that!”

Name supplied

“The detailed assessment is just fantastic! SO helpful.”

Name supplied

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Primary Schools

  • We are aware of the burden marking brings to teaching staff.
  • At primary level our focus is to allow schools to delegate this burden so that teachers have more time to teach.
  • We can mark individual school set assignments in English and Maths and have a team of teaching professionals who have officially marked SATs (Edexcel).
  • Mark My Papers is an investment in your staff morale.
  • ‘We Mark; You Teach….’

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Section 3 PRIMARY schools

Secondary Schools

Exam grades are not everything but they do matter. They matter because they reflect the effort put in by staff and they matter too because even the slightest improvement can give each child a brighter future. At MMP we help secondary schools in several ways.

  • We relieve the burden of marking, we bring a third party unbiased dimension to assessments, we produce diagnostic reports which reveal interesting findings and we offer in-depth full assessments which are a great way of making pupils engage and progress.
  • We can mark a large cohort or just part of a cohort – you are in control.
  • We do more besides. We write in-house exam papers; papers which are bespoke to your school, papers which are not available on-line so that you have control.
  • We moderate teacher’s marking too, helping staff really understand the Assessment Objectives and how to interpret them.
  • Working closely with MMP gives your school a great chance of improving your grades whilst easing staff workload.
  • ‘We Mark; You Teach ….’

School testimonials…

“I love the format of the responses. It’s an excellent service. The overview/ exam report is particularly useful for me as a head of faculty as I can target the skills that the whole cohort needs to work on. I also like the mark and grade distribution info as this really helps me to target specific students for the final run-in.”

Head of Faculty. Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ UK secondary school.

Thank you so much …for all your work that has taken place for Moderation. It really is a thorough overview and a wonderful service that you offer. It clearly sets out the strengths and weaknesses of candidates as well as the teacher's marking and the general feedback, with examiners knowledge of how the papers are marked really does help."

Head of Faculty. Ofsted ‘Good’ UK secondary school.

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Overseas and International Schools

Mark My Papers caters for all schools worldwide who follow the British curriculum at GCSE, iGCSE, A’Level and the International Baccalaureate.

  • Our range of services includes marking and assessment of individual assignments and past papers, bespoke exam paper writing and teacher moderation.
  • We have representatives in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa who understand your teaching and learning needs.
  • Our team of approved examiners have marked officially for the most popular overseas public exam boards - Cambridge (CAIE) and Edexcel
  • ‘ We Mark; You Teach….’

Testimonial from an International School…

“Thank you for all your hard work with our year 13 mocks…They look great.”

Head of Department. International school, Middle East.

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If you are at school and studying towards your GCSE, IGCSE, IB, AS or A Level exams you may feel you need extra support, Mark My Papers can help.

  • Our teaching professionals have all marked for the main exam boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, Eduqas and Cambridge and they understand exactly how to interpret the AOs (Assessment Objectives).
  • MMP supports students up to and through the exam period offering a personalised and friendly service.
  • We can mark essays, individual questions or full past papers. Our assessments are very detailed with tips for improvements.
  • We offer occasional or regular marking and can form an essential part of your revision process.
  • If you are in secondary education contact us to see how we might help you.

Testimonial from a student…

“This service is fantastic, I really don't know where I would be without it, thank you so much for all your quick responses and help”

Name supplied.

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Section 6 Pupils Direct

Private Tutors and Tutor Groups

Mark My Papers is a popular choice for private tutors and tutor groups who wish to delegate exam style marking.

  • Our marking is anonymous; your students remain anonymous, thereby protecting your professional relationship with them. Our intention is to enable you to align your own marking.
  • We use only examiners who have officially marked for the main public exam boards.
  • Tutors value our unbiased, anonymous opinion; knowing that by using MMP they can best replicate true exam conditions for their pupils and support students and their parents by providing an independent, exam-style assessment.
  • ‘We Mark; You Teach….’

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Mature Students & Adult Learners

Section 8 MATURE students

Where students work as an individual, following a specification without professional support, MMP brings much needed guidance with fully detailed assessments on a regular or occasional basis, depending on each student’s needs.

MMP brings confidence to students who are studying alone.

Testimonial from a mature student….

“Thank you very much for arranging the marks and feedback on Papers 2, 3 and 4.  The advice I received was very valuable indeed.  I had a much clearer idea of how to approach the papers - especially Paper 1 - and a more focused structure to my answers.”  

Name supplied (UAE)

“Thank you for your support! Marking my papers has really helped me, great service you guys have.” 

Name supplied (Indonesia)

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Our Board Of Advisors

In order to continually meet the developing needs of schools, students and home educating pupils, MMP has brought together a team of expert advisors, all of whom play a role in offering a vast, collective experience of primary, secondary, state, independent and international education.

  • Two of our advisors are Ofsted Inspectors
  • Two have served Headships at leading international schools in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Two have transformed their schools from under special measures to Outstanding Ofsted reports.
  • Two have served as Heads at three leading British public schools.

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Dr Helen Wright MA(Oxon), EdD, PGCE

Chair of the Board of Advisors

We are delighted to be working with Dr Helen Wright MA(Oxon), EdD, PGCE who leads our Board of Advisors. Our ambition to raise pupil grades across the UK schools sector, as well as the home education and tutor group sectors, benefits significantly from the immense industry expertise brought by Helen and her Board. All of us at MMP are passionate about improving pupil grades and thereby opening up opportunities for life.

Dr Helen Wright has had an energetic executive and non-executive career in education, spanning 25 years to date in the UK and international sector, including 13 years leading schools as Head. She has served as Vice-Chair of the Independent Schools’ Council and President of the UK Girls’ Schools Association.

She is a regular speaker at international education conferences, on topics including internationalising schools and engaging with digital technologies to extend global educational and career opportunities for young people. She currently coaches several international school leaders in various parts of the world. As an Associate of LSC Education (international executive search), she has helped to recruit numerous candidates for roles in international schools across the world.


Helen Davies MA Ed, B Ed (Hons)

Primary Education Advisor
Helen Davies holds a Masters’ degree in Education Leadership and Management. Having written and delivered leadership programmes for universities she has also delivered a substantial amount of training to primary and secondary practitioners about neuroscience and the social and emotional development of young people. As a qualified teacher and with her considerable experience as a head teacher in several schools she has demonstrated a strong capacity to bring about rapid school improvement; moving her current school from an Ofsted category of ‘special measures’ to ‘outstanding’ in three and a half years. Alongside her current role as Head teacher she is also a local leader in education and in this capacity has supported many schools in challenging circumstances.
Paul Topping MA

Paul Topping MA (Ed)

Secondary Education Advisor
Originally from the North West of England, Paul has been Headteacher at the British School in The Netherlands, in The Hague, since 2017. This is his third headship having previously led two large and successful schools in the UK, including one where he was the founding Headteacher of an all-through school and another which was the largest school-based centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the world and a National Teaching School. A National Leader of Education, conference speaker and a strong advocate of professional learning, Paul has been an executive lead for the National Professional Qualifications and is a previous Chair of the Worcestershire Association of Headteachers. Paul is a Pupil Premium reviewer for the DfE and inspects schools for Ofsted in the UK. When not in school, Paul is a keen long distance road cyclist and a Liverpool Football Club fanatic.

Jonathan Hughes -D’Aeth BA (Hons), PGCE

Middle East and Asia Advisor
Jonathan Hughes -D’Aeth was appointed as Headmaster of Repton School in Dubai in 2010. Educated at Haileybury College before studying Geography at Liverpool University and Queens’ College Cambridge he subsequently taught Geography at Rugby School for 16 years. Between 1995 and 2010, Jonathan was Headmaster of Milton Abbey School; a boarding school for boys facing a tight financial situation and falling numbers with poor infrastructure. He secured the school’s financial position, increased the pupil base, developed the school’s facilities and introduced Co-education to the 6th form. In 2005 Jonathan had an active role as a committee member and Chairman of the Boarding Schools Association. He was also a member of the executive of ‘The Society of Heads in Independent Schools’ and involved in negotiations and consultations with UK Government about boarding standards and regulations and restructuring public exam systems.


  • Contact us to discuss your needs. Our prices vary according to your own exact requirements.
  • We will need to know your subject, exam duration, assignment details, the exam board and if you are a school or tutor, the cohort size.
  • If you are a private student or a home educator we are available seven days a week to answer your questions. Your requirements will be different and we recognise this. We will need to understand your plans and your aims, so tell us about the exams you are preparing for and when you intend to sit them.
  • We accept scanned papers and for larger cohorts within the UK we offer a postal service. We issue our reports by email as soon as marking is complete.

We aim to complete each assignment within seven days but we are usually quicker.

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Why Mark My Papers?

Students and schools who choose MMP do so because they want to improve – and we help them to do this.

  • We are highly selective. Our team of approved teaching professionals have the knowledge, training and ability to mark accurately. They offer commentary in great detail and they make the time to really consider each and every student’s performance.
  • Mark My Papers was founded to help home educated students access the best examiners. Competence to mark covers a vast range of ability and we work only with those who enjoy marking and take pride in their work. They have to be excellent and they have to be able to make a difference, to be clear, to be understood and thereby to be approved by MMP.
  • Marking matters. It matters because children only get one chance and that chance is in the hands of adults. Those who mark well can make a huge difference to a child’s life.
  • We care. We take pride in helping pupils and students achieve their goals and supporting them at a stressful time. Our founder home educated her own children through 11 GCSE subjects single handedly without tutors – her only form of help being Mark My Papers, and achieved excellent results.
  • We continue to bring enthusiasm, effectiveness and passion to everything we do. And it shows. Those who choose Mark My Papers come back time and time again.


To find out more, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

Join Us.

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