Why Mark My Papers?

Students and schools who choose MMP do so because they want to improve – and we help them to do this.

  • We are highly selective. Our team of approved teaching professionals have the knowledge, training and ability to mark accurately. They offer commentary in great detail and they make the time to really consider each and every student’s performance.
  • Mark My Papers was founded to help home educated students access the best examiners. Competence to mark covers a vast range of ability and we work only with those who enjoy marking and take pride in their work. They have to be excellent and they have to be able to make a difference, to be clear, to be understood and thereby to be approved by MMP.
  • Marking matters. It matters because children only get one chance and that chance is in the hands of adults. Those who mark well can make a huge difference to a child’s life.
  • We care. We take pride in helping pupils and students achieve their goals and supporting them at a stressful time. Our founder home educated her own children through 11 GCSE subjects and 8 A Level subjects single handedly without tutors – her only form of help being Mark My Papers, and achieved excellent results.
  • We continue to bring enthusiasm, effectiveness and passion to everything we do. And it shows. Those who choose Mark My Papers come back time and time again.