Secondary Schools

Exam grades are not everything but they do matter. They matter because they reflect the effort put in by staff and they matter too because even the slightest improvement can give each child a brighter future. At MMP we help secondary schools in several ways.

  • We relieve the burden of marking, we bring a third party unbiased dimension to assessments, we produce diagnostic reports which reveal interesting findings and we offer in-depth full assessments which are a great way of making pupils engage and progress.
  • We can mark a large cohort or just part of a cohort – you are in control.
  • We do more besides. We write in-house exam papers; papers which are bespoke to your school, papers which are not available on-line so that you have control.
  • We moderate teachers’ marking too, helping staff really understand the Assessment Objectives and how to interpret them.
  • Working closely with MMP gives your school a great chance of improving your grades whilst easing staff workload.
  • Our examiners have marked officially for the public exam boards, recently, regularly and repeatedly.
  • ‘We Mark; You Teach ….’

School testimonials…

“I love the format of the responses. It’s an excellent service. The overview/ exam report is particularly useful for me as a head of faculty as I can target the skills that the whole cohort needs to work on. I also like the mark and grade distribution info as this really helps me to target specific students for the final run-in.”

Head of Faculty. Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ UK secondary school.

“Thank you so much …for all your work that has taken place for Moderation. It really is a thorough overview and a wonderful service that you offer. It clearly sets out the strengths and weaknesses of candidates as well as the teacher's marking and the general feedback, with examiners knowledge of how the papers are marked really does help."

Head of Faculty. Ofsted ‘Good’ UK secondary school.