The real value of external assessment

November and December are pre-public or mock exam months for many schools. Not surprisingly this year it was a busy time for Mark My Papers marking the full spectrum of subjects for schools across the globe from large UK comprehensives to international schools in Africa. It is great to see that our services are in ever increasing demand from paper writing to assessments and exemplar answers, along with some more bespoke requirements. Mark My Papers is growing rapidly.

Our examiners cover every board  – AQA, CAIE, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas and WJEC in the UK; IB, ISC and IELTS overseas and we strive to use only those with several years plus of official exam marking. Some have been officially marking for over 20 years. Our reasons for marking are many fold. Beyond the familiar relief of burden there is the reassertion that teachers are correctly interpreting the Assessment Objectives of each specification. This may be quite straightforward in the science subjects but far more subjective with the humanities, and that’s why we choose examiners who are confident and assured in their judgment. We don’t expect every school to agree with our marking, that is the nature of what we do, but those we have helped in the run up to the official exams report that our support was invaluable.  Don’t forget too that our markers include Principal Examiners, Text Book Authors, ROR Examiners, Team Leaders and Consultants to the main public exam boards. They know their stuff. Our ‘Diagnostic & Tracker Sheet’, averaging out grades and performance statistics is of enormous value but it is the examiner’s feedback and ‘Overall Cohort Commentary’ that can make a real difference going forward.

Home educators and private individuals are an excellent barometer of our worth.  Many use MMP for full detailed feedback for several weeks leading up to the exam and many later write to us, delighted with their results.  For those who have limited or zero access to teacher led learning, MMP has become a life-saver.  Although we maintain total anonymity from student to marker and vice versa, we use the same examiners who generously deliver their knowledge and guidance to make a real difference. Progress is usually astonishing.

For schools who have mock exams planned for January, February and March, we can help. Please contact us at

Below are some of the testimonials we have received from schools, home educators and private individuals……

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your marking service. When I talked xxxxx into sending his papers off he scraped a B in the English Language and got somewhere around an E in literature (translating from past grade boundaries as they were specimen papers for the new spec). He was gutted but took on board the advice from the marker. That was with just three weeks to go before the first exam. Well today he received a grade 7 (A) for language and a 6 (B) for literature. We couldn’t have achieved that without the advice he was given based on those mocks, and we both wanted to thank you. Name supplied

I just wanted to let you know that XXXX’s  exam results came back. She took 5 IGCSE’s and got 4 A’s and a single A*! She is 13 so we are well chuffed. In fact we are delighted, couldn’t be happier. Just over the moon! So thanks for your part in helping her achieve that! Name supplied

I thought it was really worth it. We had mocks marked by MMP for [English] language and literature about three weeks before the exams with the feedback he improved 1-2 grades on Lang and 3(!) in Literature. Name supplied

It really helps having feedback from someone outside of the school and also having our findings reinforced.

UK HoD. Ofsted ‘Requires Improvement ‘ school

What an amazing service you provide….at a time where school funding is so limited its refreshing to work with someone as efficient as you! Name supplied

Thank you for all your hard work with our year 13 mocks – they look great. HoD. International School, Middle East

Thank you for the excellent service your company provided recently in marking our year 10 DT papers.

UK Headteacher. Ofsted ‘Good’ school

I know you wanted to know xxxx’s results- he got a 9 in Lit, an 8 in Lng and 5 in Maths Foundation. We are absolutely thrilled, although now I want to know why he got an 8 and how far off a 9 it was LOL! Thank you SO MUCH to ‘Mark My Papers’. It was a huge help. Can you imagine if we hadn’t got that first paper marked for which he got a 3?! It doesn’t bear thinking about. We had no idea how non-exam ready he was despite being so strong in his classes all year. Name supplied

Results are in now and all is good.  XXXX got a 9 in Business and an 8 in Geography so thank you so much for all you help with getting papers marked for those subjects.The feedback certainly helped us obtain these grades.

Name supplied

Just to let you know, our daughter got a high 9 in GCSE History (30 raw marks above the grade boundary); I’m sure your markers’ detailed comments about the specific requirements of each type of question helped a great deal – so thank you! Name supplied

The help in the summer was really helpful for GCSEs. XXXX hit a 7 for her RE and a 5 for the other four, two of which she started in the February. Name supplied

I just wanted to let you know that I received an A* in chemistry, English Literature and PE. I got A’s in Physics, Biology, English Language, Media, Maths and I got a B in Geography and a C in Spanish. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, it made all the difference. I also wanted to know whether I could send you my work for my A level subjects when they begin. Self-educating student. Name supplied

I wanted to say that the quality of the feedback from Mark My Papers definitely helped her to focus on the areas she needed to improve before sitting the exam. The feedback was balanced and encouraging and we found this very motivating. The suggestions made by the marker provided instant support to enable her to improve her work and so feel more confident going into her exam. We would not have had this additional insight had we kept on marking all her practice papers at home using just the CAIE mark schemes and examiners’ reports. We will definitely recommend your business to other Home Ed families as offering value for money and a great quality service.

Name supplied

The feedback you guys provide is so immensely helpful – it’s really making a massive difference to how things are progressing – so thank you! Name supplied

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It is our policy to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours or sooner. Please check your spam filter if you cannot see our response. Please let us know if you are based outside the U.K. so that we can ensure we offer appropriate services.

If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please check your spam filter.

It is our policy to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours or sooner. Please check your spam filter if you cannot see our response. Please let us know if you are based outside the U.K. so that we can ensure we offer appropriate services.

If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please check your spam filter.