MMP University Mentoring Service for Home Educated Students

Will you be applying to university as a home-schooled student?

Applying to university from home can have its challenges. Completing your UCAS form could be described as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole because the entire process is set up to serve school educated children. Beyond the pressure of working hard to achieve excellent A Level results you will also need to provide an academic reference. This is really important. For students who are self-studying, without a tutor relationship, this presents a barrier and is only overcome by deferring entry and waiting until you receive your A level results to prove your worth, rather than advocate your potential through a supportive referee.

But what if you don’t really want to take a gap year?

Mark My Papers has developed a mentoring service so that you can apply to university during your A Level year. Our mentorship supports home educated students in their final run up to university admission and involves one to one mentoring, assessments and advice in the last two months before your UCAS deadline.

Our Founder, Emma White, developed the mentoring programme after successfully helping her son to secure a place at Christ’s College, Cambridge University to read History and Modern Languages through effective and excellent mentoring for a limited period.

Our Mark My Papers Mentor is a Senior Examiner who has a superb track record in successfully helping students gain places at leading universities including Oxbridge and further afield in America and Europe for a range of subjects including Medicine and is a recipient of an Inspirational Teacher Award from the University of Oxford.

If you would like to know more about our University Mentoring Service for Home Educated Students then please contact