Home educators steal the show: (i)GCSE and A’Level results.

By Emma White. Founder and Managing Director of Mark My Papers. 26th August 2019


Congratulations to the many of you who have contacted us to share your fabulous (i)GCSE and A’ Level successes. Those of you who have been in touch have achieved a broad spread of Grades 7, 8 and 9 across all subjects including one pupil who managed to score 30 marks above the top Grade 9 boundary in OCR History. Brilliant!


Others have shared their delight in securing Grades 4 and 5 when they thought they were set to fail. It’s so rewarding to see students exceed their original expectations or to improve upon the early grades they were predicted to achieve and we’re so pleased! Many of our clients tell us that the encouragement and support from the team at MMP has had a part to play in these success stories. So all round, excellent achievements. Our team is on hand seven days a week for home educated children and pupils who contact us directly. We cover most time zones and will always do our best to respond swiftly.


At Mark My Papers we are always proud of the degree of commitment students who find us directly devote to their studies and the service we offer is now spreading far and wide, across the world. During the summer we added the Indian School Certificate (ISC) to our services and further countries and regions are under consideration.


My initial reason for founding Mark My Papers was to help my two home educated sons through their GCSEs, without access to tutors. They have both been home educated throughout their entire secondary education. The journey is now over for my eldest – he achieved two Grade 9s, three Grade 8s, one Grade 7, two A*s and one Grade A – all mainstream subjects. His 14 year old brother still has six GCSEs ahead but he aced his three sciences scoring three Grade 9s and a superb 94% in both Chemistry and Physics. Their only source of support has been Mark My Papers and they have devoured the feedback every time they have submitted a paper.


The perspectives and guidance of official examiners who are fully conversant with the exam Assessment Objectives has proven invaluable. My eldest will now continue with his A’ Levels from home, again with Mark My Papers in support; submitting essays, questions, part papers and full papers from the earliest stages, just as soon as topic areas are completed. It’s wonderful to learn that some parents have committed to home education, knowing that Mark My Papers will join them in their journey. Thank you.


I am proud that Mark My Papers helps students to pass public exams successfully from home; either supplementing or instead of regular tutoring.


Please contact us if you would like us to be part of your public exam journey.

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